Sunday, June 24, 2012

50 Shades of Red

Maybe your like me and you find that you become easily attached to the characters in your favorite t.v. shows and books. I cry when they face hardship and rejoice when they finally get that break they have been waiting for. I hold my breathe and turn each page in anticipation of them finally getting back together.  I may just get a TAD bit attached to the characters and their lives.

I know you probably already have read some great articles on why you should NOT read 50 shades of Grey but in case you didn't here (If you care) is my 50 cents!

I would like to point out first and foremost my  hubby is great. He is kind, gentle, compassionate, and so beyond patient with me. When I put on a few lbs and when I don't wear make up he loves me all the same. He never asks for much from me and loves me unconditionally. Frankly, I don't deserve him! He is everything (from what I hear) this Mr. Grey character is not. So why then would it be a big deal for someone like me to read this story? Well, because I am a human with a sin nature and sometimes the idea of a "fantasy" relationships may appeal to me. The idea of getting out of the mundane to escape my reality and be someone else. Maybe this is to forward. I have never been one to be afraid to really share the truth about myself! But what is happening to us as women that in order to get in the mood we need to read these kind of books. When did wonderful loving sometimes extremely annoying men become not enough for us?
 I won't read this book. Not only because I shouldn't but because honestly I can't. I can't allow myself to get swallowed up by these characters and story lines and land in a fantasy world where being in bondage and controlled by a man is somehow weirdly attractive. But then again maybe your not like me and you don't find yourself engrossed in these kind of stories thinking about the story lines even when your not reading them and wondering what it would be like to be her. But what if you are? Do you draw the line somewhere? Why is it gross and perverted if men watch porn but as woman its perfectly acceptable to read these kinds of things?
So maybe I am 50 shades of red admitting these kind of things to you but I don't understand why we hold our hubbies to such a high standard but allowing ourselves some kind of get out jail free cards for this stuff! Women let's stand up, let's show the men we are holding ourselves to the same standards!  Let's admit we as women can struggle too. We can get lost in stories lusting after characters that are nothing like our hubbies and wishing to escape from our realities. Lets not pretend that because everyone else said it's sooo good and has a great storyline is an excuse to sub come to one of satan's stupid tricks!

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