Thursday, July 19, 2012

Going Deeper

Today was day one of my 40 day fast from FB.

While we were in Ethiopia we went to Beza International Church and the pastor spoke on going deeper. He talked about in order to go deeper we need to give things up and that it would cost us but that our reward would be to go deeper with Jesus. I need that. After our trip to ET I feel more then ever lost in this life I am living of the American dream and really need some clear direction from God as to what our next step should be. I need to go deeper. I need to recklessly abandon all things that are holding me back so I can be closer to my God.

FB is a huge time waster for me and really just a mind number. It's an place to complain and an excuse to brag.  I though about doing a month but then I felt like God said 40 days. So here we go. Maybe FB is something big to you and giving up would be easy but let me know tell you in the past year I have fasted twice from FB and both times it was only for a week and that was difficult. I just need to stop letting little meaningless things stand in my way. Time to go deeper and stop living in shallow waters!

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